Jeremy Hall

Jeremy Hall -
PR & Media Relations Director

Jeremy has an intimate knowledge of the media world having worked in it for more years than he'd care to remember. His (ahem...) 30 years' experience has taught him how to get the most from local, national and specialist media - on and off-line - and to write engaging words for clients operating within a wide range of sectors.

Jeremy is a keen Forest fan, loves cycling, lilac shirts and buys vinyl records like they were going out of fashion.

Sarah Monsoon

Sarah Monsoon -
Creative Director

Creative DirectorSarah has worked in the creative industries for over 25 years, originally in graphics production and then as a graphic designer, Sarah now directs and manages all creative projects - digital and traditional media - working closely with Senior Graphic Designer, Paul Shillabeer.

Sarah enjoys interior design, collecting americana and spending her Sundays charging around a muddy football pitch.

Paul Shillabeer

Paul Shillabeer -
Senior Graphic Designer

Paul, is an accomplished creative, fondly known as 'the hub', keeping the team bang up to date with the latest technology developments, while delivering a continuous flow of creative and innovative design - both for print and online media.

Paul shares Jeremy's love of music - but with the modern twist of digital technology!!! He loves nothing more than to arrive at work in the latest lycra cycling gear and can always be relied upon to provide accurate weather predictions.

Paul McNamara

Paul McNamara -
Graphic Designer

Paul 'Mac' works for us from his base in Buxton, Derbyshire, he specialises in business to business, trade and technical as well as consumer markets and enjoys all areas of branding from corporate identity to packaging.

Paul Mac is appropriately named, making the kind of investments in his own studio's hardware that single-handedly kept Apple afloat during the lean years. Currently looking at options for a Kiev, seriously.